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Top R32 Skyline Wallpaper With 5 Pictures

I’ve the car for about a year and a half now bought it had a blown engine typical skyline thing so I’ve been building it for about a A. a year straight and finally been able to enjoy it this summer I had an r32 gtst about three years ago and built that car Up. up had about 450 wheel it was tons of fun loved it and then I was looking for something more bit more power got into the gtr game so I sold the GTS and right away just started building the motor just to make the 700 wheel and that was my goal today we’re in a Nissan Skyline are 32 GTR slightly different than the r34 we featured on the last month now it is lighter obviously this is kind of the first generation of what people would call Godzilla it’s got the RB 26 out of The.

the hood now this one’s different Knicks put a 63 millimeter turbo and it’s Cranking.

cranking out 700 horsepower at the wheels that’s all wheel drive horsepower so none of this wheel spin and I Mean. mean it hooks up and it just goes and it Keeps.

keeps on boiling it just keeps on hoping that’s the highest I’ve taken it so far I believe so I Don’t. don’t know it’s somewhere between six and seven I think it read all the way up to eight thousand rpm and I mean that’s what’s really great About.

about these inline six is that Nissan Was