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Top 8 Pictures Golf Mk1 Wallpaper

month has been sponsored by the NEC classic car show presented by Lancaster with discovery which is taking place this November in the UK and you may have seen their logo in a number of s well today I am driving what could be considered the ultimate classic car one of those real jackofalltrades cars but that i Think. think is perhaps why it’s Quite.

quite so brilliant it’s also and i know this is a very controversial thing to Say.

say I can’t I’ve never actually been that fussed about I completely understand and respect the massive Importance.

importance of the Golf GTI both today and always but it’s just never a car that’s really set my pulse racing maybe it’s just because I’m really not a hatchback person however when this car’s owner got In.

in Touch. touch Of. of me and asked if I wanted to drive his lovely looking marked one I of course was not going to say no this is a very important car either very lucky chap you see because I get to Drive. drive on a near daily Basis.

basis unusual and interesting machinery some of which people will wait a lifetime to basically never drive I often find sort of interesting little factoids and things that Perhaps. perhaps you wouldn’t expect as an example I Now.

now know that there is a connection or Beard. beard a tenuous one between this and a Jaguar xj220 And. and that I certainly didn’t expect The. the what is that Connection.

connection well both of them were Projects