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Best Taycan Turbo S Wallpaper With 7 Pictures

today because for the first time we have the horseshit icon on our and this is not always a normal one this is the tie counterbore s which is the most powerful Version. version 761 horsepower and we will do the acceleration run using the drift box going to 100 200 and also of course going to the top speed that This.

this car is doing honestly We.

we got A.

a bit of a problem because I cannot show you that numbers live pH because I. I just cut the cable and half here of that drift box but luckily enough last night I already did an acceleration run and was measuring all the times and I will put them in this once we are going we have everything in Sport+ and there is a launch control that is very easy to use there’s also some Sound. sound so let’s see how brutal deceleration is this is just amazing so let’s now see how fast the tcanto brass goes from 100 to 200 ly the only car that you can start At. at 99 km/h and still have a decent run watch this amazing stuff so Guys.

guys as already said we have the numbers and they are pretty amazing you can ly guess that the number to 100 was below three seconds it’s actually 2.8 seconds that we did on the Drift.

drift box the prior day also to 100 and we managed a very very Good. good time of 6.9 seconds 100