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Best 9 Ferrari Formula 1 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

been really balanced on pace this season but whenever there is an on track battle the red bull seems to have the balance of it what are red bull doing to come out on top and how are ferrari not able to counter it let me explain but first a quick ad for the global brand for men’s grooming and hygiene Products.

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then to get the pace on the straights they have been trimming the car Out. out completely Running. running it very low and having very low wing angles for the past few races seems to be a car That. that is perhaps a bit less consistent um you know it does vary slightly by track and it varies its biggest sensitivity seems to be the length Of.

of the straights but this seems to be red bull’s direction it’s found for the Car. car this year and you know why they’ve gone this direction so what they end up with is A. a car that really can’t quite perform in qualifying but as we’ve seen repeatedly Through.

through the year once they’ve got those tyres brought in the rubble is much kinder to the tyres and then It. it carries his straight line speed and all of that is completely opposite to ferrari they have got a really low downforce setup using the side pods to reduce the drag over the rear of the car but then to make sure They. they have all the downfalls they need they have been cranking up the wing angle so the car ferrari i’ve ended up with is effectively a very consistent car it works very Well.

well in qualifying and It. it certainly gets that gets those tyres working Really. really well really easy to handle around a very Fast. fast single lap uh despite the poor percy here are the fastest qualifying laps for the ferrari And. and the red bull compared the red bits are where the ferrari is fastest and the blue where the red ball is quicker right Away