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Top Nissan R34 Wallpaper With 5 Pictures

of some but today is different because this marks the oneyear point that James and I have been doing throttle house together so we wanted to make use Of. of this moment to feature something a little bit special there aren’t many cars out there that get to be called a living legend the r34 GTR is one of them and it comes in the form of an allwheel drive racing bred turbocharged savage ask a cloaked man on any street corner about it and he’ll regale you with tales of tuning and modification of supercar annihilation And.

and a legion of racing wins the one we have today is a stock motor GTR in respect to form which we’ll talk about in a minute and If. if Thomas placed the order correctly we might see in Our. our 35 that’s been overnighted from Japan later in the but back to this because perhaps the most significant part of GTR history is that it was a favorite of the late Paul Walker he contributed to the cars fame no one else could his contributions however didn’t end there and offscreen Paul was a dedicated humanitarian He.

he started an organization called reach out worldwide after he went to provide Aid.

aid to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti since Then. then it’s grown into a hugely successful Humanitarian. humanitarian effort with Paul’s brother Cody at the Helm. helm who when he found out we were featuring RO in this was kind enough to send Us