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has been around every single year since 1973. honda civic now a lot of small cars have come and gone since then in the U.s. u.s market the toyota corolla has been around longer than nissan sentra since the early 80s but the civic is consistently good and for 2022 it’s all new we’ve already reviewed the new sedan the new si and now this new Hatchback. hatchback so let’s get this thing straight all right Right. right now you got to save money on gas this is the Way. way to do it high 30s on the highway you’re getting all the latest technology and safety and if you really . driving this is the car 31k fully loaded i’d to think our youtube is just as loaded with features and great content every single week so why don’t you . to the cargurus youtube when i say the civic is consistently good i mean it stays true to its mission it rarely disappoints i’ve driven all kinds of civics for more than a Decade. decade coupe sedan hatch hybrid si type r compressed natural gas this is the third civic i’ve driven in this new 11th generation and it reminds me of another Car.

car tesla model 3 i think the honda civic looks a bit better from back here especially this thin strip connecting These. these outer taillights the leds the whole bumper shape this rear wiper that’s A. a nice Throwback. throwback feature but it’s really functional especially on this nice Wide. wide arching piece of tailgate glass It.

it has a really nice Coupe. coupe profile and remember the civic is not available As.

as a twodoor coupe anymore so this is as close As. as it’s gonna get compared to the sedan the hatchback is five inches shorter all of The.

the other dimensions identical That. that means you still get the same great profile only It. it has a coupe shape it’s really all what You. you want up here the Same. same Quad. quad led headlights Only.

only the grille is d with the si so you Get. get that neat honeycomb structure here other than that what else are we looking At. at well it’s the same great civic it’s low it’s wide it Has. has a good stance cargo space 24 cubic feet of it behind these seats Compared. compared to 15 in the trunk of the sedan the honda doesn’t quote what they are when it’s folded but i bet it’s over 40. it’s a lot of space the interior goes for broke it puts entrylevel luxury cars on notice and i’m not exaggerating Get.

get into a mercedes cla or a bmw 2series grand coupe poke around touch things feel it for 50 grand you’re going to be disappointed the civic delivers similar quality for half that price the signature feature is this wide strip that looks A. a mesh piece of metal it hides all the air vents and there’s toggle vents to adjust the air flow there’s knurled climate controls these high res screens there’s tight panel gaps Good