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Favorite Lexus Logo Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

talking a little bit low because it’s pretty late right now and I’m outside I don’t want to be swinging up my lungs but today what we’re doing is we found a way to adjust the projector logo so they look a lot what looks a lot cleaner because the ones that are currently on it looks very spread out let Me. me what up guys so it’s very light distorted on this side so the projector is projecting Gau and you I don’t know you could probably see It. it on The.

the camera but it’s very clean here and of course the further Out. out it gets as its Moved.

moved to an angle it gets distorted so what I’m going to try to do Is. is just move the projector to the left or closer to the door so it Projects. projects down straight so hopefully we could get a more clear image the way this is gonna work is you’re gonna understand the our older s we install these a while ago and I just haven’t had the chance To. to do this because You.

you need it to be a little dark outside so you can actually see the logo when you do it so all in all what is it what it is is a pop it out and I’ll show you guys as I do it um recomendation is do this before you actually install them so that way you don’t have to do what we’re doing and Having