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Best Shelby Gt350 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

sixth gear the muggles won’t it oh sorry horsies oh what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by ototopenow my name Is. is max and today we’ve got oh we finally got one we have a shelby mustang gt350 we’ve been looking for one of these For.

for quite some time we’ve been waiting so eagerly To. to drive it because this is something special this is something that is going to be special in 10 or 20 years still this is going to be one that We. we remember and i am absolutely stoked to be able to drive it thanks To.

to one of our viewers frederick now frederick is the Guy.

guy who owns this is for the real og auto top and l s uh he Owns.

owns the three series with the m50d engine uh the blue one we drove it four or five years ago i think uh which is an absolute animal and this is his other car it Is. is so freaking cool he has made some modifications and they are really really nice so i’m going to show you Those. those going to show you the car of course and then we’ll take it For. for a drive towards the ultraman for an autobahn blast but before we begin don’t forget To.

to and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we a new and check us Out. out on instagram if you for some behind the scenes footage So