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Best 10 Buick Wallpaper Good Looking

i heard the current buick regal was being discontinued i was shocked astounded and dumbstruck that buick was still around i don’t see a view How. how are these beige mobiles that are known for not being known making enough money to stay afloat is buick secretly good well kinda let me explain what do you Think. think of When.

when you imagine modern day buicks that’s the question i’m Sure. sure their head of marketing optimistically Asked.

asked the north american focus group only to be met with blank stares uh even though Buick. buick is the oldest brand in the general motors family the brand Has. has been keeping it pretty low key for the last 20 years they made some great stuff in the past mostly during the muscle car era then rides . the road master and the corvette killing gnx but outside of those two buick has been pretty stale for as long as i can remember in the gm family buick can be thought of as the middle child gm as chevy for economy and Performance. performance cars gmc for its more utilitarian offerings and cadillac for the luxury models so what’s left for buick not a whole lot buick currently sells three models in north america the enclave the encore and the envision oh sorry wait that one’s the encore that one’s the envision the point is that buick doesn’t really have a brand identity right now and without that it’s hard to have any brand loyalty no one knows What