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10 Photos Dodge Challenger Wallpaper Phone Good Looking

in front of me ranging from cheap eBay stuff to you know 20 to $30 amazon mounts and they’re all pretty good and well except for that one as you can see I have a bunch of different phone mounts here that I’ve tried over the course of time Obviously. obviously I have never mounted them in this lovely array but uh I challenge you to try and overdo this so we’ve got different types of mounts we’ve got the I’ll leave that one for last that’s My. my current amount you’ve got your basic bent mounts which are quite a bit wobbly while you’re driving I use the Phone. phone primarily for GPS and this gets a little annoying we’ve got the gel based sticky mounts that stick to anything including your textured dashboards then you’ve got Various.

various different windshield mounts Including. including ones with sticks and so on all of these I mount to your windshield Depending. depending on your local laws are kind of illegal so be careful where you stick them and how you use them that being said you’ve got this guy here who failed miserably this is one of your typical five dollar ebay mounts where you take Your. your first bump and it completely disintegrates so same thing with this one this one is my current favorite but again as I’m driving you hear that and it drives me absolutely insane and again not One.

one of them has been perfect so I was Very. very happy to find that When