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Top 8 Chrysler 300 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

to this and why I’m only sitting in this beautiful two and not in the mercedes et leasing explain that I want friends first of all I promised too much brand new Rolls. rolls royce then came to me on ebay and said rolls royce does n’t run doesn’t exist and made This. this wonderful project car available to us i say consciously because my brother Behind.

behind the camera film is helping me to get this vehicle back in Shape. shape let’s say we’ll tell you a little bit about this vehicle in general, so it’s probably the only red and white in Germany that has a 5.7 liter hemi engine, there are really tons of spare parts, the whole chassis is complete General Motors modular principle, we steel chassis the really wellknown General. general motors brakes have brake discs and so and now without e making an infomercial out of it really does cost briel talk i looked 265 euros slices receipts once completely all around on ebay i don’t even know what to say if i it with mercedes compare tuning parts i’ve also looked for the booth go this roughly the amount so first of all from the outside it looks beautiful At. at first but of course it would be the cheapest rolls royce east germany if we didn’t have a certain amount we’ll start right away with The. the front we have a bit of chrome here That’s. that’s more bursts open Discreetly. discreetly I’ve Already. already looked at the part for About. about 30 dollars I think it’ll definitely be new the headlights are still really good at the start we have ten here and headlights aren’t normal for an ami without now being a passion wanting the car is really extremely well equipped what did he not mean much roll ritter bis au so f sits in the back because only the touring world service have that exactly and Unfortunately. unfortunately we don’t have the sunroof fia boss a bit stingy it goes on with the defects the radiator grille was very unprofessionally painted silver hereby a complete nose that’s really I’m Already.

already very. sporty I’ll tell you about screwing but what happened to the vehicle also right inside you’ll See. see that ok I just have to ask you did you actually paint the thing that you loudly said sigg afflecks to three times and then drove to the yard at night you have the dakar victory alex there will definitely be a new grille we are going to ask you two options here and please write in the comments which one we should get version bentley or version wanted whereby I am doing A.

a version black or version pro i’m. Still.

still very undecided myself don’t be surprised why we still Have. have the old license plates here bought the car 20 minutes ago Near.

near Trittau that was really a coincidence nothing cheap the wehr somehow been in Bavaria there I. I wasn’t so keen that’s why com Makes