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Best 8 Nice Pictures R34 Wallpaper

Xavier from that racing we have a really special episode for you today we’re back with Larry from drag International and as you can see right behind us we have a minty r34 GTR and this episode is even more special because this is without a doubt gonna Be. be the highest horsepower and fastest r34 GTR that I’ve ever ridden in and all the way turned up this RV makes over 1,100 oh we lost our let’s check it out let’s go ahead and start it up first oh man this feels right man this interior so clean can’t expect any different from Larry and drag International oh this thing sounds so good let’s give you a little walk around here I Mean. mean I’m not too surprised because Larry’s supras you think I look couple of over here but Larry superest our cleanest out there I didn’t expect any different But.

but Wow would you just Look.

look at it I believe it’s a 76 85 remember Wow.

Wow such a clean card is both that white that white is mr. perfect now that’s JD at muscle right there what’s up Larry how you doing man jinx crazy clean got away this thing Sounds. sounds the way it looks I’m Getting. getting butterflies already I cannot wait To. to freakin ride in this thing and of course coming a drag international we have to show you some really sick superest so let’s check it out oh man that color though I’m pretty Sure