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which you can to today if you and also visit the website auto notizen die Ehe with lots of everyday news and driving reports on cars, since There. there Has. has already been quite a bit not everything but a lot was there in the last few years , From. from small electric cars to v8 sports cars, we were able to introduce you To. to various cars and I. i thought to myself , what can you show that hasn’t Been.

been on this yet, the topic of ships and ships is an option because a ship Is. is standing in front of the Camera. camera today in the form of the tesla model s or. tesla model s yes i know who is keenly interested in electric cars and keenly interested in testers this is old hat the Car. car has been around for a while so nothing Crazy. crazy new but there is still no tesla content here auto notes also due to the fact that the brand tesla ja de Facto. facto no press work there is a growing number of tesla households in germany maybe not just a car of the brand parked in front of the door Or. or in the garage and we also identified that in the private environment of the cameraman there is a model 3 and just that model mix at home and we stole the model today and borrowed it and I’ll take a look at it with and for you and whoever s it Can.

can of Course. course use Foam. foam on powerful 22inch rims, the car is There.

there which on the possible heir to the throne suv and crossover don’t look that big five meters 4 Is. is the motto nothing lies so real Quite. quite nice caliber in contrast to The.

the model ickx and the model 3 has a significantly steeper front section because It. it can of course be built higher the design Can. can be designed differently Here. here , of course, there is no guts down here, but the franck that we will later see on the front or front trunk and w. let’s walk along the car, despite the Size. size and height, if you don’t have a comparison me As. as a person, it does n’t really seem as huge as it actually is here in st helmut white with hallig Park,. park, the model x4 with a Meanwhile. meanwhile fixed rear spoiler was not enough and we see the lettering here on the rear the motor means two motors allwheel drive motor on the rear axle motor on the front axle and here We. we have the tesla model s in the long range version with a 100 kilowatt hour battery Look. look but not only charge electricity but also luggage that can as we are standing here to a limited extent we have the top version of the model ex here it is available as a fiveseater as a sevenseater that means two 32 and here the cops the most expensive equipment variant with four individual seats and then The