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We all agree that a supercar is. beautiful to drive but there is another. essential quality and that is style. without a beautiful style you won’t get. very far and in this video we’ll show. you how the design of a dream car with. the Raging Bull on the hood was born. so let’s talk about Lamborghini design. which has experienced an extraordinary. revolution in the past decade not only. because in Sant’Agata Bolognese they. were the first to design a super SUV. like the Auris which we’re driving today. but also and above all else because the. brand of the bull has managed to rise in. the world of the most desired cars in. the world winning thousands of new. customers and millions of fans. the compute equipment to understand how. the Lambos of today and tomorrow takes. shape we were given access to the style. Center directed by meteor bucket a. usually secret place where an. international team of 50 modeling. designers work every day to transmit. emotion through standard Lamborghini. styling a one-off or even a prototype. designed to test public reaction to. things like the new supercar concept of.

The Huracan stare at ER on these. monitors they work on the exterior and. the interior design which includes. fittings and choice of materials they. define the mathematics and everything. they need before getting to the physical. models that they turn into reality. Oh. and here we are in the presentation room. of the style center where the drawings. literally take shape but what we want to. understand is where the inspiration for. drawing a Lamborghini comes from and. we’ll ask Mischa how he draws a. Lamborghini so to design a Lamborghini. what do we need or something you know. for me and you it needs not so much you. know it do it for me and you need one. line one line you need this line I have. a little private story when I you know. because I always thought like this the. profile of a Lamborghini I did this at. home and my son at that time it was like. two years old he came to my desk and was. saying Papa has a Lamborghini okay you. know it just it is a stand and it made. me think because you know when you look. at our cars you know you just need you. just need this single centerline okay. and that was present already on the. Countach and you know it is in the. Aventador it isn’t it that’s millennium.

It is the line that you need to you know. to recognize a Lamborghini so everything. is starting with this then when you see. our cars and you see perfectly also on. the tattoo millennia but only over can. also on the ovals a Lamborghini and in. front view you need to have you need to. have the profile shape really with a lot. of angle on the side windows because. this is this makes a Lamborghini very. recognizable so I need I need the single. centerline I need this kind of. proportion okay then it’s almost almost. a Lamborghini small little lines. important they came also from the. Countach mulligan Dean was designing. them also on the Aqua for example and we. have visualized them with the. illumination on our tats Millenial are. these diagonal lines here so on those. ones I need also and this is more or. less what I need to create the. Lamborghini. well said in this way sounds simple but. it’s obviously not simple it’s sure that. a brand like Lamborghini has a very. strong DNA and designing these kind of. cars very inspiring and meetcha told us. that the creative ideas are daily when. he has an idea he writes it down in his. sketchbook in his personal secret diary. and that inspiration can take place at. any time like for everyone in the shower. whilst travelling or talking with. friends or colleagues it may be the. result of an input from the management. asking you to prepare a new model but it. can be an independent idea can be. developed and proposed by the styling. center and it happened like this for the. third millennium a concept that looks to. the future and starting with children. now we made I mean was also I mean you. talk about dream it was one of the.

Dreams when we created the tattoo. millennial I was sharing the idea with. the team I said I would like to have. this food this kind of you know this. cool entered this kind of dream I would. like to show it around in places around. Sant’Agata and balloon is OCD effect so. and one of the let’s say the iconic. moments was when we took the concept car. in non anthoula. that is a small town very close in to in. front of the school and it took four. year old was born one class of. four-year-olds to show and you know the. video was also running in the Indian. turn eight quite quite heavily so we did. we took the car in front of the school I. took the children and then together we. have unveiled the the concept car there. and they went crazy there I hadn’t you. know Italian children they were really. like Tahoe and Tahoe a boola boola. geenie so they were really going crazy. and was overwhelming also my expectation. because the energy you know that was. created in this moment was so amazing so. it was one of my let’s say really hard. touching moments lamborghini moments or. car design moments that I had in my life. enthusiasm adequacies irrepressible but. even an adult hardly remains. indifference to the third millennium and. the power of a visionary design that. isn’t just fed by the future but also by. stylistic elements that have made. history so for example you know today. today you will see a lot of the y-shaped. you epsilon shape for example the event. that was using this in the in the front. lights the oricon is having two of them. in their front in the front lights. so everything was born on the matzoh in. 1967 so for example the door the side. door was designed with an exit one but. also for example the Miura and 1966 was. using rear mesh full with hexagons so. that was like I said the strong element. in the in the 60s so they were using. this then in the 2000s when the. designers created the guy a dual mostly. Largo de Reventon. Lamborghini was using the Y shape as a. night signature so I don’t know if it’s.

Visible here but on here you have the. white exactly so this is more or less. the junction of the hexagon yeah so you. have the X are gone and the junction is. the Y shape so this is Lamborghini and. when you see the sketch overall we are. using on the tattoo millennial this is. the signature in the future so as you. can see on our and this will be from now. on and you will see you will see it also. very soon and in production. this will be the the night signature of. Lamborghini as a strong element in the. future returning to the process of the. genesis of design. after that sketching phase in which they. collect as many ideas as possible. they’re then scanned and digitized and. the best proposals to be presented to. the leadership that given the approval. to go ahead next to scale modeling does. this the next step I mean this I can. show you based on on. was for example we have prepared here. one model so you know this decides that. I personally like very much it’s a third. scale okay in the 80s in the 70s maybe. it was a quarter scale it was always. famous in the car industry the one to. form model but that changed in the in. the late 90s early 2000s into third. scale because like this they look a. little bit more like a car so and on. this model here. I can explain very well also the. following process so once we are happy. with such a shape and we have maybe a 3d. printed small model I will say let’s. have a you know the next step I want to. see it in third scale sometimes. sometimes we are even moving into. full-size you know okay yes this is it. my mom yes so for example what we have. there is a data we would start to mill. okay so here is you know this is. representing all the you know the.

Milling moves so unfinished so the next. step would be you know then this is. always important it is always you know. handwork it’s not it’s not only the idea. that you need to have but you need to. create this content by hand and by hand. means with the talented hands of John. Pedro here and then it’s always about. the relation between the design modeler. and the designer because you know as you. see here it’s all brown you don’t see. maybe it’s so much so for example you. know once we are modeling I will put. some tapes on on the model also myself. to see what we are creating this is a. way to communicate between each other so. for example I need to test this sorry I. need to test the shape of the front. light so with the with the tape I can. try I can put them a line I can I can. also here I can have a definition on the. front lights and you know what the tape. is so flexible if I don’t like a radius. that I’ve taped I can put it again yeah. so it’s a you know the end of the day. design has to be as much as possible. flexible during the process. the models are painted carefully. finished with pieces like the wheels the. aerodynamic elements printed in 3d. because they’ll be presented to the. company board and they’ll have to. approve or not any changes and when the. green light appears on the overall.

Stylistic design and confrontation can. begin with the engineers as they require. other changes to be approved. periodically before arriving at the so. called design freeze well it’s a long. process that takes up to two and a half. years of patience and so much teamwork. let’s find out more about tape drawing. that’s drawing with ribbons that you’ve. seen on the clay model one of the. favorite techniques for designers to. share their perspectives during meetings. with colleagues and here’s how it works. for me and I’m telling you it’s still. relevant also today so first of all you. need to have your sketch I did this. sketch before so you put your sketch on. the wall it doesn’t matter if we are now. in 95 or 2020 this is everybody that. wants to do a car design will have to go. through this period so take your sketch. you know when I was younger I took. always my sketch and made little wooden. models in the garage of my father you. know because you need to understand what. you have physics yeah you need to have. this moment from the from the 2d. sketching into the three-dimensional. shape and the first the first step is is. this kind of tape drawing you can you. can start to sketch you can look how low. is my my my front on the car. I can do the fender you’re the selfish. and whatever so mean a new and it’s also. I don’t know it’s a it’s depending also. on the on your mood of the day huh so. first of all you can sketch the side. view and again you don’t need to be. scared because you can you know you can. change everything I know if you don’t. like it you take it away so you do the. silhouette it would it will take a. couple of hours now and now I cannot I. cannot do it immediately for you but I. can I can show you I can show you the. the principle how to do so it’s it’s an. easy way to translate your side view or. you are your 3/4 view into a. three-dimensional shape and this you can. do in the smaller scale like I’m doing. now. so with a few taped lines the car begins. to take shape it looks like a game but.

Misha explains to us that taping is very. important to train the designers to work. without computers the traits that. characterized the styling can then be. better evaluated you can move them in. the most physical sense of the term to. decide how to improve the balance of the. proportions of the car the dynamics. because it really is just a matter of. lines. Sallah you want to try as well your. paints when you put there finally. working done right no you cannot do you. know and like I said is very flexible. its emblem actually Scott you want to. say me where you have to put the line. without you what you think you want to. do I mean uh-huh. you can I don’t know it’s missing maybe. the light or it’s missing a line here. okay the lights I think it’s but the. lights would be the lights would be here. example okay like this after we take a. look and then also this part I think. yeah you can add line as missing this. line it’s quite easy there ma a proposal. would be linear media more profit re. bestow can be amok we take in a machina. say post pic action what goes into the. latter two millennia going out okay. obviously devices are we allowed to. another here Wow car quanto jet the. concrete or the reality if we look at. for a momentary when a Lamborghini photo. swoon out on autocracy first of all I. can visualize you know what I told you. before on the car I can switch on the. lights so you can see immediately what I. told before about the night signature of. Lamborghini so you know all the all the. front for example is designed with an. hexagon and then we are using this kind. of epsilon Y shape you know. dress you know the illumination of the. car it’s for me. you know it’s containing all the. elements of Lamborghini that I explained. before the Gandini line the single. centerline but with a complete new. different interpretation so the car is. much more kept forward because you know. the pilots are sitting quite in front so. that’s why we have placed the main point. the tension point of deadline a bit. further forward and then we wanted to. question the architecture of a. Lamborghini because when you for example. compare the tats millennial with the.

Oricon you can see the big jump in terms. of architecture we are doing with this. one so there’s a lot of you know air. channels we wanted to emphasize in the. design also that we are kind of you know. leading to technology with aerodynamics. and so on. so the car is like like a super alaa. system there’s a lot of plan shape you. know my favorite view for example is the. one from here when you catched it with. the camera is quite impressive there’s a. lot of plan shape the straight lines. here but also here and we are using. these kind of Countach lines diagonal. lines in a different kind of way also. here we have a kind of an Y shape. epsilon shape so you know what the car. is designed with all the passion and. with all the love to the Lamborghini. design but in a complete unexpected way. because it’s it’s a potential electrical. car also I like very much the wheels the. wheels are also you are visualizing what. is possible today with 3d printing for. example because you know when you look. in detail we wanted to visualize that. the electrical motor is sitting within. the wheel so that’s why we have. you know in the illuminated pieces going. around the wheel in a very sophisticated. kind of way and you know the wheel is. transporting already in the design that. it wants to be an electrical engine so. that was it was the inspiration for the. design and then in the same moment we. are combining this with the y-shaped. epsilon shape yes so this is for me you. know how we dress our cars or for. example the body side so you know two. people are sitting really close together. like our philosophy feel like a pilot’s. or you feel like driving a race car so. and we are using all this space here I.

Mean usually when you compare with you. back on you know you have more interior. space and the door is here but look. where we have placed the door or you. know the center volume of the cars. so deep inside so it is allowing us to. have a very dramatic kind of airflow. and architecture on our jets village for. me for me this car at the moment is like. a vision’s like a dream is like. Marcello Gandini is you know a 2-0 this. is something maybe we look back in 20. years and then we say ah look they have. done this already and for me it is kind. of visualization of what is possible. in the next 10 years, it’s also a kind of. a playground for us here in Trento steel. and I’m beginning to visualize and. also to experience a couple of shapes. that you might see. in the future on future Lamborghinis and. thanks to the experiments made on the. the third millennium Lamborghini has decided. on the evolution of their design traits. and the looks of their cars from the. first official application on those that. we’ve seen on the hybrid cars seen and. presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. but also ones will see very soon on. other models meanwhile meetcha has. started to draw again. now if he has time to finish this third. millennium I would think I will need one. or two hours more they’re you know they. are new they’re never really finished. those tape drawings because you will. always come back the next day and see. something that you want to change okay. here’s an idea of how about we go back to. Rome and take this with us to finish.