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Best Subaru Wrx Sti 2004 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

a car for the road and this particular version is owned by my director sam who’s behind the camera and she’ll be really annoyed if i Don’t. don’t treat it very well i do it to press cars come on i’ll do it i will review it i’m gonna go back and review it buying a new car head to car wow to get offers from the uk’s top dealers car wow dot co dot uk the car buying comparison site let me give you a quick history lesson so subaru released the impreza back in 1992 and they took that car rallying it was famously driven by colin mcrae who actually won the wrc in 1995 as the youngest ever driver to do so and i think he’s the best rally driver in the world ever moving on they actually made a road version of the rally car and called it the wrx then they Made.

made a high performance version of The.

the wrx called the wrx sti An. an sti stands for not sexually transmitted infection but instead subaru tick maker international this is a second generation version of the wrx sti it came out in 2002 and it actually Went. went through two facelifts so the first car was known as the bug eye because it Looked. looked an angry bug then a bit later on they released this version which was called the Blob. blob eye because of this blobby bit in its headlight then later on still They.

they released The