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nissan has learned about performance over the years into what could be the ultimate supercar this one has evolved to be faster more aggressive it seems patience dedication and Time. time have enabled nissan to perfect the gtr recipe except i’m not really sure i’ll buy all of that because it’s been what 14 years a decade and a half since the R35. r35 gtr was first released and in that time what’s Changed.

changed it still uses the same 3.8 liter twin turbocharged v6 and this one still makes 600 horsepower which is exactly the same as the previous gtr nismo don’t get me wrong those are some impressive numbers but the game’s moved forward it’s a good car on paper but on the same piece of paper other cars are even better it almost Feels.

feels the r35 is stuck in the past yes nissan has made progress but not In. in the obvious places in addition to using the same engine it still essentially uses the same transmission the same allwheel drive system the same differentials the same chassis and pretty much The. the same bodywork on first impressions it feels a dinosaur a relic trapped In. in time but even Relics. relics can be quick it is properly fast though it’s wrapping this car you put Your. your foot down and it just takes off with so much aggression there’s a reason this Car.

car is called godzilla My.

my goodness it’s quick there is one significant change For. for this car And. and it’s That