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the generals there was a the media was there both foreign and local media they were gathered around the president in fact they were just seated on the floor just about A. a meter And. and a half away from him and then you had general bell he got the microphone and told the President.

president Mr. mr president We.

we can Already. already uh bomb you know the The.

the military establishment so that really and ramos are there we Can. can you know we have the ammunitions we have we have the dark we’ve already zeroed into targets And. and mark was at The.

the top of his voice and this was heard this is broadcast nationwide what did he say no no arms no ammunitions no Shooting. shooting i will not allow it or something to that effect but Even. even stronger words i cannot quote it right now but we were there the media was there foreign and local media nobody wrote About. about This.

this but that was the height of the greatness of the land He. he refused To.

to fight back to disperse the god by any means whatsoever 31 years ago ferdinand edralin marcos died in honolulu february 25. uh it was Very. very difficult even to look beyond honolulu because that was a situation where they could not understand where the future would be in so far as the family was Concerned. concerned over time president marcos has instructed several of his lawyer friends here In. in the philippines to petition the Highest.

highest court of our land the Supreme