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Best 10 Innova Wallpaper

it as insult odd but when you say something is popular people will on the other hand take it as a compliment the odd thing is that when You. you think of a card the first card that you think of when you put these two adjectives together as well these babies right here This. this is The. the 2021 toyota innova v while this is the 2021 toyota innova E. e now we’ve brought both of them here today to show the spectrum of the range and of course the versatility of the innova platform whether you go For. for the more expensive v or the more Affordable. affordable e can connect you to get the best quote from multiple dealerships near you you can request and compare quotes from any dealership in the philippines get the best deal With.

with autodeal if you do a search looking for photos or s for an innova don’t bother because most of us can step two feet out of our own humble of boats to be able to see One. one in the middle and to be honest with you describing the exterior would be describing your face to yourself it’s just really odd because quite literally they are staples on philippine roads of course this is the facelifted model and it carries a few new updates over the preface lift a new grille design a new bumper and really that’s about it basically if you haven’t seen an innova you Need. need to Get. get out of the house man so the v features A.

a Bit. bit more chrome than the e the e gets A. a few additions that make it look a little bit more basic but still we’re not really complaining about the overall design i mean it is popular so apparently a lot of people tend to This.

this car but it’s just a Little.

little too common for it to be unique anymore just to be frank on top of that you get 17 inch wheels on the v wrapped in 55 series tires And.

and 16 inch wheels on the e wrapped In. in 65 series rubbers both trims get headlights that are similar in design sporting A. a projector but only the v gets leds while the e gets halogens for the price of the e not that bad the rear lamps are still similar to the old model And. and so is the rear bumper there are no step boards because the ground clearance isn’t that high to begin with standing at just 167 millimeters of ground clearance you’re going to get a kick out of this because under the hood of both variants is the exact same engine that you will find inside the fortuner albeit a bit detuned in them You. you get a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine that produces 172 horses and 360 newton meters of torque mated to a Sixspeed. sixspeed automatic transmission in contrast the fortuner limited makes 201 horses and 500.

500 meters of torque out of the same Displacement