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Favorite 10 Good View Audi Rs6 Phone Wallpaper

over how to connect the apple carplay system to the brandnew latest generation of audi’s MMI this is gonna be in the 2019 and newer out eq8 the a7 which is what we’re currently in right now the a6 as well as the AE and then the soontobereleased q3 will also feature this touchscreen system so A.

a similar protocol there now what Audi.

Audi does and this for the first time ever is actually the wireless carplay system so you don’t actually have the plug Have.

have it plugged in if you were to want to plug it in though you do have the two USB wires here which will hardwire and fast charge the phone and you do now have Wireless. wireless charging right here so if you were to throw The. the phone off of this pad as long as your case enables the charging as well as it’s a glass back phone then you will have the wireless charging capabilities right there as well so Why. why don’t we start it by turning the car on start button right there so on your smart phone you just gonna want to unlock it and go to your Bluetooth menu basically Audi does this so the car Plate. plate will automatically connect Once. once you enable your phone with bluetooth so you’re gonna kind of want to follow the procedure of the Bluetooth connection which I’ve done before and Then. then there’s kind of an extra step where it asks you if you want to do Wireless