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Top Gti Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

the 2022 volkswagen golf gti i will be answering your questions as i review this hot hatch starting with the elephant in the room what about mark over on instagram’s asking about the infotainment is it still bad yes it is not functional at all i don’t have a volume knob let alone a tuning knob Right. right long live the volume knob Is.

is not Here. here if i Want.

want to quickly raise and lower the volume i have to press my hand on the steering wheel And. and hold it here because if i press and hold over here it doesn’t keep the volume Raising. raising I. i have to keep tapping it or swiping it it’s it’s a nightmare in terms of radio controls it’s a nightmare in terms of heating and cooling controls where i Have. have to press a square Or. or the climate button over here or the heated seat button over here which doesn’t heat My. my seats uh which takes me just to another menu to heat or cool my seats and then all this is additional touch where i have to keep my hands uh and eyes off the steering wheel on the road and i’m gonna hit The. the brakes hard here and that’s one of my favorite things about the golf gti is the Brakes. brakes are so good they’re taken from the last generation golf r i’m just going to hammer the gas here and the lsd does a great job there’s no wheel spin yes There’s. there’s summer tires really good quality tires on Here.

here but Just. just hammering from a Stop. stop with the wheels cranked on A. a slight decline this vehicle just puts all that power and torque down with no fuss whatsoever flying double eagle Is. is asking about the dcc or the adaptive suspension the Adaptive. adaptive dampers in here and hasn’t been updated yes they’ve been updated they’ve reprogrammed the system we also have slightly different tuned suspension here compared to the 7.5 that you had and i really enjoyed this Adaptive. adaptive suspension makes me wonder what this vehicle rides without it because i’m sure it’s vastly different to tune your suspension you’ll click vehicle mode and it’ll you know you have different vehicle modes which is going to change all The. the dynamics of the car but i have custom mode on and when You. you come to a stop you can play with it a little bit More. more and it says because it’s not available while i’m driving unfortunately press the menu button and then you have this adjustment to how stiff you want your custom now i have everything in sport here for my custom Mode. mode and i’ve been enjoying driving with dcc All.

all the way slided to the comfort inn for commuting to me that’s the best way to go but for 0 to 60 here i’m going to turn sport mode all the way up for the suspension we want a nice firm suspension to put down the power we’re going To