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Favorite 12 Images Tata Altroz Wallpaper

long automatic gearbox version of the ultros the dca in the name is there to tell you that this is a dual clutch automatic transmission it’s got six speeds and tata has released a list of some of its technical highlights for one the altro’s dca uses a wet clutch arrangement which is quite different to the dry clutch setups that we’ve had In. in india on the dual clutch transmission equipped cars already now in simple terms a wet clutch transmission has better lubrication and as a result better heat management and what that Gets.

gets you is more consistent performance and the promise Of.

of greater longevity as well the gearbox also features shift by wire tech which means that there’s no mechanical linkage between the gear selector and the gearbox up front it’s all carried Out. out via electronic signals and tata motors says that gear shifts are affected within 250 milliseconds tata also claims that this gearbox uses 35 Fewer. fewer moving parts than a comparable unit from other manufacturers then there’s machine learning that Actually. actually learns how you drive and adapts shift points for the best performance and efficiency and finally there’s a selfhealing mechanism That. that actually ejects dust and debris that might have worked their way into the transmission and could potentially cause damage now those are the technical highlights of the gearbox what’s it really well first impressions of the gearbox are positive this is a smooth shifting gearbox and it shifts quite seamlessly you will Notice