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is very special it is the bugatti chiron per sport and the per sport bit is very important because this is the ultimate driver’s version of the shiron if you they’ve really played With. with the chassis on this one to make it turn in quicker there’s all sorts of different models as we go around it i want to point out to you and i love The. the focus of it chiron first appeared in 2016. Remarkable.

remarkable to think it’s six years since it first appeared at a geneva show and it replaced the veron that arrived at The. the scenes about 2005 the production start of the bugatti veyron i can remember doing the launch out in sicily and we thought how on earth do you better that the Final.

final version of the veron was the tess with 1200 horsepower this one has 1500 horsepower there is a version of chiron with 1600 horsepower but it is longer gear than this one thing that surprised me when i was going through the spec of This. this car and that is it’s speed limited now chiron are speed limited 420 kilometers an hour At. at the normal speed Limit. limit about 261 miles an hour this one it can only do 350 kilometers an hour which is 217 miles an hour so it is the slowest bugatti chariot of them all but there’s a whole lot more to this car than just pure speed let’s go and have a closer look now one Big