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Favorite 8 Photos Model 3 Wallpaper

going love but only if it’s not new if you have a new tesla you might actually want to downgrade to an older model i know it sounds a little crazy but some slightly older model 3s and even older model s’s and x’s have some great features you just cannot Find. find on any new tesla today so in this i’m breaking down the top eight Features. features that you cannot find on any new tesla today that really should be there and also if you’ve got an older tesla you might want to check for these things and see if you’ve got them because they’re actually really big upgrades compared to what tesla is doing right now hopefully tesla reverses course and adds these things back in but uh maybe you just might want To. to go out and Buy. buy use tesla instead of buying new and a big thanks to magback for sponsoring this they make a beautifully designed custom wireless charger made perfectly for your tesla i love this thing i gotta tell you all about it more all that in a bit now this First. first one here is a bit of a mixed bag because there is sort of some good stuff sprinkled in with some of the bad stuff here and that really has to do with autopilot and full self driving many tesla owners might not know that up until a few years ago autopilot was not A.

a standard Feature.

feature that you could Find