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Top 9 Hyundai I20 Wrc Wallpaper

a Hyundai i20 700 thousand dollars of modifications later it is now an actual WRC car this particular one was at one stage leading the Australian round of the World Rally Championship we’ve been given access to it I’m gonna go out and Sydney traffic and see what it’s to drive on regular roads so the first challenge is actually trying to get into this car now the door handles are similar but when you open it as you can see there’s Nothing. nothing else very similar at all now I have been told you can remove the steering wheel but to make it more difficult they haven’t done so I’m Going. going to try and get in and not make a complete fool of myself or rip anything apart because it looks expensive alright let’s try it okay I think I’m stuck here permanently now sitting next to me is David hi David hello how you doing you’re the chief mechanic for this car yes it looks very complicated How. how does this thing actually work there’s so many things Going. going on in here I do love that you have an iPhone holder yes of course very necessary Yes. yes checking between stage yes of course again what’s up all your friends I think I say tinder okay so how do you turn this thing on so you have the master switch here yeah so When. when everything appears on the on the mmhmm you see you have the Oil. oil pressure Yeah