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Best Ford Shelby Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

shelby for this mustang ford has combined aggressive styling extreme aero lightweight parts and a supercharged 5.2 liter v8 that makes 760 horsepower all in a Bid. bid to create the ultimate muscle car that’s a pretty bold ambition so i suppose we’d better test if they’ve got it right haven’t we quick sound check that Is.

is nasty and we can’t do this on cold tires obviously so line lock oh it’s so fast the talk the talk is crazy 847 newton meters my god and that noise that is the loudest i kid you not the loudest production car i have ever heard in my life it sounds a lion with toothache being kicked in the there are actually four Levels. levels to the exhaust i’m in normal mode right now And. and i can barely hear Myself. myself think but then there’s sport and track on top of that but come on There. there Isn’t. isn’t a track in the country where you wouldn’t get black flagged With. with a car Making.

making this kind of noise it’s unnecessary genuinely it feels absolutely mega i bought a coyote mustang because i thought that Was.

was insane about 450 horsepower from a 5 liter v8 is nothing To. to be sniffed at trust me But. but this thing is making more than 300 horsepower extra on top it doesn’t feel a mustang it feels a whole different animal the source of that noise isn’t the coyote engine you get in the normal five Liter