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the platinum shop, today we are still in Jakarta, yes and today’s plan is to build a modification workshop that has been in the modification world for quite a while in the Bekasi area. If. If I’m not mistaken, what is the workshop and what is it? just the work that is there, so keep on following this and for those Of. of you who haven’t d to this , please take a look first, . comments and with your Friends,. friends, lizards okay now I’ve given. Him. him one After SS2 earlier Now here I am together with the boss, Bro. Bro Indra, Let. let me introduce you now, I want to ask what kind of work is here and is there anything specific here specifically for welding painting or what modifications are full, if there are two above it, but the work on the Facebook link is more legged, he’s in Construction. construction there the legs, yes, the restoration chassis is big, he gives you two, yes, If. if he gives this one, it’s even better udian body body custom body modification area, yes, white body kit painting, preparation from the initial modification to painting, most of Them.

them Feel. feel saved, What.

what I’ve Been. been Waiting.

waiting for Since. since this is just help, so it’s Three,. three, Eh,. we’ll see the customer, if It’s. it’s the first one, it’s usually the first Give two, he wakes up, his legs are consumed first, the rims versus pants, total Or. or brakes, that is, he gave S2, moved to KK C1,