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12 Photos Porsche 918 Spyder Wallpaper Good Looking

1.2 kilometers one of the longest anywhere seems a good place to start let’s make some noise Oh ah breaking that is that is Accelerating. accelerating un anything Else. else I know Jeremy’s head was blown off by the speed of that p1 but I absolutely cannot believe it felt any faster than this and cards have done the McLaren the 918 has A. a joint strike force of petrol engine and electric motors working together it’s an electric power that gives it so much punch of the line I have 500 foot pound of torque and 800 rpm 800 a 4 5 8 Doesn’t. doesn’t Have. have 500 talks At.

at any rpm I got a banner goes straight into a world record while all the others are still eating cornflakes and thinking about having a poop the petrol engine which sounds ungodly through those top mountain exhausts is a 612 horsepower 4.6 liter v8 9:18 in the p1 can trade punches all day long the 918th can’t match the P ones top speed 218 compared to 211 but I get 260 quicker 2.6 seconds to his sluggish 2.8 seventyfive brake horsepower the p1 has three but halt on and on and On.

on he goes it’s King Kong vs. Godzilla there are some areas though where the 918 definitely has the p1 on the ropes it can retrieve energy generated by braking And. and feed it Back. back into the batteries the roof lifts out so you can enjoy some open top cruising And