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Favorite Toyota Soarer Wallpaper With 5 Pictures

japanese salaryman you’ve taken the subway most of your life yeah i need to i need to improve myself and show my worth and i don’t want that young kids supra I. i Want. want that luxury soarer the soar q q uh the original toyota commercial if we can find it toyota what’s up guys larry chen here we’re at gridlife midwest at gingerman raceway and my favorite thing about gridlife is the fact that i can feature the craziest cars the craziest cars tube chassis cars drift cars awesome show cars and Then. then people yourself derek the owner of this Beautiful. beautiful toyota soarer i almost said supra you did it i Don’t. don’t take offense to being calling a supra It’s. it’s just a little more luxury a little more tech and a little more power than the super had back then so the thing is on This. this we feature a Little. little bit of everything right we feature Domestic. domestic cars import everything just i mentioned drag cars anything goes and part of it is that this car and this is something i talked to about yesterday derek when i first saw this car This. this car when it first came Out. out i mean there are so Many. many people that Are.

are watching this that are into cars now that are enthusiasts they have no idea what this is at all yeah and it being a completely stock near 99 stock vehicle you know we still feature Stock