Best 24 Images Bmw S1000r Wallpaper

Hello friends, because as you know, s1000rr is taken, which is double are. There’s already something new, and now this one is still based on the previous generation, friends, so if we love to see it, the headlights are still the same as the previous generation. Because there are some differences from the old version, I want to do this review. Well, maybe you’re wondering what the difference is this one with the previous one. It looks like the shape is the same. The headlights are also very similar. But there are some differences, friend, especially when divided into machines and electronics. , so if the previous generation electronics were more, what would it be? Compared to what it is now. For example, in the quick shifter, the money is red. I tried it. It only electrocuted the roof. Meanwhile, he now has Otoblitz r, so he can go up and down without washing the clutch, friends.

Then on the electronics side in the engine, there is also a slight increase in power, which now produces 165 horsepower. That’s a lot, friends. Although when compared to the F1ZR, the power is more than 200, 165 horsepower is not small, Guys. We’ll prove it when we try to ride this bike. In terms of design, friend, it’s clear when compared to the F1ZR. the shape is almost no different from the previous one. Maybe there’s a colour difference and then a strategic rap, But that’s all that looks the most different, it’s the shape of the exhaust, now this one has been worn with Akrapovic, the official one from BMW, mate. However, even though it’s Akrapovic, he still uses an ID card further down there. Use it later when it’s judged. Maybe the sound isn’t as fresh or as loud as you think, but it’s OK. It’s already Akrapovic. Now, guys, there wasn’t a top like that yet, but the ice design of this motorbike is good, Burgo, it’s cool, isn’t it. Even though some say, it’s not BMW in this sense.

If tomorrow we replace it with a congregation like that or, for example, Honda. Maybe people will still believe it, but compared to Erna, the point is that it is very typical of a Boxer engine. If BMW replaced glue instead of Yamaha or Honda, maybe people would believe it. What do you think? Do I agree with comments like that? Electronically this motor is very sophisticated, friend. Starting from the suspension, it is fully electronic front and back to control Amri Bond, and the damping presses the button. Diego has Cruise control. Desu already has a crusher up and down auto Blippar. Then there is already cited that grip is a timer, even if he is desperate to do sports. He already has a pipette limiter function, friends, which we will try later on all of those functions, so this motorbike is very sophisticated. Maybe if you compare it to a car, it’s a car. the motor is probably the same as sophisticated if I ask how the motor lock is priced at 600 million, so this review, friends. So he’s not Killers yet, but his immobilizer has subsided. Now, it’s been locked. Let’s try it. Let’s check the electronics. Hey, how about this motorbike? The method is quite simple. We need to put it in. Let’s put it together. Now, let’s try to puzzle out how to get to the dashboard. It’s effortless, so here there is an option for reading the mouth that we can change using the button on the right, it will change the Rein road technique, now there’s also a Shifter light, there’s gasoline here, this is the rpm it’s another red at Rp. Eleven thousand friends can enter the information keris as we play using the left button using the info button. We can enter setup for long-press the method can staff recruitment still racetrack. Hence, there’s a lot of authority that can be set- set friends.

Likewise, with the suspension button on the left here, if we press it, we can adjust it. Is the Diamond suspension technique the pink DM or the road and OK? No. Here is the helmet, which means Now we are set for one passenger. You press the old BGD for two passengers, now the stomach changes, the settings immediately change. Let’s press it again. So, back to here one more, guys. Well, if this one is right for changing this, it’s a special module, it turns out, friends. So every time I press or pull the selective, it springs first here, so this sensor tells the computer inside the motorbike. Hey, the Nike CTR is being used here. It’s turned off for a split second to make it easier to change gears up or down because there’s also a fox over here. Another one because we can adjust it. Do we want a normocyte like this, that one goes down as this or we change it to Jeff that one went up and all 23 parties went down, so just moved it here. Indeed, the motorbike has been prepared for this race. The back slime is where one of the small details is, so it’s about the suspension of love interest. What’s the one here? now, it’s connected to the computer inside. That’s one of the tools that read the suspension. It’s up and down, like whether it’s fast or not, etc., here’s a Robinson sensor, now these are small computers that make this bike it becomes very sophisticated if you ask the motorbike, this is the trunk, it’s just minimal behind here, our levels. After that, yes, it’s an Indomie the wrap is also not enough there, it’s minimal, and if you ask if it’s for a comfortable ride, I don’t think so, friends. It’s only an inch wide. We didn’t take a photo of the key, but we gave it. Maybe it just might not be comfortable if you ask about the driving position. But we raise it. It’s not short.

Hi, it’s quite tall. So if you press Goodnight, call two feet, it’s a bit disgusting, but if your feet look perfect, Now look at the driving position, so it’s called naked sport, it can be built up, which is more upright, although not as straight as BMW. However, it’s pretty firm, and still, it’s called Nike sport because looking at his legs, it hurts, it keeps bending like this if you want a motorbike that is made to be more relaxed, the legs aren’t here, but they don’t stay back here, friends. So, this is the position. If you ask how heavy it is, it’s like this does not contain enough normal r1000cc Vaseline. It weighs about 250 grams. Approx that’s how it is, friends, places. Miraculously, we closed Alfan. We turned it on. Oh my God. Then earlier, I was still using traction control, so I turned off Tresco. id, didn’t I turn it off. Please turn off the front tire, the volume still goes up, but it doesn’t seem like it. arrived an inch after an inch Hi, the origins of love haven’t killed my friends. Wow, less or more power Willy has always been there. I Can we return with hi oh my god Hey hehe, it’s been small, my God oh I’m the one who doesn’t talk Pink top speed I need someone who prefers torque or acceleration. Motorbike, my goodness.

However, it still looks like 1000cc coy. Eh, Don’t you play it like a necklace? is confused when it’s closed. It’s still interesting, so we better use it and Let’s get soft again. Hey, while we’re trying Christian trolls, for example, it’s like reading, what speed is it, 60-70, right back here, and then we’re going forward, Neng Binanga. Hello, omg, if you ask me if the engine is hot or not, the engine is hot, my friends, the 1000cc fastener, of course, is hot. Hi, the way we talk about bridges, it turns out that Dedi is the filter. Is now Progo’s old Avedon. Just try to add it. So it’s because you changed gears like this. After all, the clutch doesn’t bite. It’s like a motorcycle. Let’s pull it out again. It’s bitten again. Hey, the teeth are eating the same thing. If you want to lower the volume down, we don’t have to fast gas. We don’t have to call it making, that is, we pull it a little to raise it, we don’t have to go down right away, it’s just you, all right, Hey, it’s nice to walk here, it’s like a shockable, you want to test the suspension of a motorbike that doesn’t run at all. Uh, it’s quite sporty. Oh my God, I like plant panels when asked about the shortcomings of Essentials Umar. What’s this, uh uh, what if the engine is hot? What can I do? Mas 1000cc, the riding position, the driving position is pretty good. Buddy, raise the suspension. Yes, it’s Motorsport. That doesn’t want to be like that. hey, if you take it cleanly, it won’t make the forest so nice to play. One thing that limits the motion of this motor, If you use it in the city, it’s the turning radius. My friend is looking for a road that is small enough to match your HP. Split the rubber until it reaches this critical wide road. Yes, you all want to go back.

Hi, if you guys use it, for example, because of this, it might still be enough for us to use it and keep it dry. Now say more, imagine if you want to slip between cars during this traffic jam, I’m not curious as to why today’s evaluation and Garut, but he still uses a manual clutch like This rope clutch doesn’t work. It’s weird that it fell and can use hydraulics, right? Maybe there’s another reason I don’t know what it is, but it’s good enough to question it. I want to change it to hydraulics. It’s better. I’m confused. F*** So if you use it daily, it’s more comfortable. Hey, wrong One feature that I want to try too is Fit being. So they know if Motorsport mentions MotoGP goes to the Pit Stop, then usually they will see the speed clinic, only how much is the most advanced, 6260, the problem is, this motorbike is because the Breath is a sportbike. It has a very high speed the name of this gun is because you want to sell it no matter how fast it looks like that and it can make a cool sound y It’s like a heavy sound, but it’s still like a motorbike, you know it’s ticking hehe Well, suppose you’re Fit, here’s how if you don’t get into this first gear, you start, this friend, press down for a long time, but he appears killing it and the gas will be more alone, it’s loud parents are broken, but it’s beneficial if you take care at the Pit Stop, it’s a burden for friends