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Top 14 Nice Pictures Camaro Ss Wallpaper

Pannell my is Max and good that you’re watching today because this is the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS so 6.2 liter v8 LT one with 455 horsepower and we have a special one because this is the 50 edition or something that so we have this little flag I presume it’s for 50 years of Camaro but we don’t have any internet here so I can’t look it up so black on black with 20inch wheels we have the dualmode exhaust system which has bypass valves too you know spice up the sound and I’ll show you how that is done in a minute but let’s start with the way this car looks because as I said 2017 so this is a new model Camaro and I have to say it does look very Good. good it looks a lot better than before it’s a lot sleeker everything is much more I don’t know sculpted or something it’s it’s more fluid It. it looks really good I think it looks less of a toy car the previous date in my opinion so let’s take a look under the bullets or wood if you’re American and well let’s check out how narrow these windows are the windshield the side windows I mean you’ve got that high door With. with that low roof it looks really cool and angry so let’s take a look under here there we have the engine quite a lot of space left still I have to say It’s