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Favorite 7 Nice Pictures Gt40 Wallpaper

the first the peterson automotive museum is gonna put some of its crown jewels on the drag strip and not hold back the eight cars behind me Are. are gonna go down this drag strip and hopefully set some records against cars you wouldn’t expect this is the peterson automotive museum’s ultimate headtohead all Right.

right wait wait wait wait let’s rewind before we start racing let’s talk about these two extremely important forwards in front of you the first four Is.

is an original 1967 mark iii gt40 now for anyone that’s seen ford vs Ferrari.

ferrari this is the homologated or roadgoing version of that exact car ford took victory at le mans in 66 67 68 And.

and 69 and this 67 is one of only seven mark iii’s built for the road And. and one of only four that was left hand drive under the bonnet it features a 289 v8 with just over 300 horsepower and there’s no technology in this car but the technology of its day Was.

was to be extremely lightweight and have this 300 horsepower power plant pushing it along the road a Quick. quick fun fact the 40 in gt40 is representative of the inches Off. off the ground so this gt40 is only 40 inches off the ground herbert von kazan was one of the composers of 2001 space odyssey and was the original owner of this particular car that now belongs to the museum now let’s get into the Ford. ford gt from 2005. paying homage to The