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8 Images Nissan Skyline R34 Background Amazing Pictures

been a while since uh i’ve made one but here we are um first and foremost happy new years to everybody as the title says you know r34 hello rx8. so we are up at the mazda turnpike the uh the . Restarea . Wehave you know the beautiful mount fuji out there in the background uh and then we have the rx8 over here somewhere um and i guess i’ll give you guys a tour of the car and i kind of talk about what the plans are with this thing .

Anduh what happened to the 34 and so on and so forth but i guess without further ado let’s give you a tour of the rx8 all right so what we got here is a 2005 mazda rx8 um this particular car has a bunch of goodies from arya mamiya starting in the front here we can look at the bonnet we have a carbon amma mia hood on there with the amamiya bumper. if we take a look at these eye . Eyelidsi’m pretty sure these are from our magic i’m not 100 sure but they they look familiar .

Tothe art magic one so that’s what i’m gonna guess that they are in the front here we have a big old massive uh front mount intercooler with an additional are yamamia oil cooler um here in a minute i’ll pop the hood and show you what’s . What’sin there and . Allthe goodies that we got but in the meantime let’s check out the wheels so . Whatwe have here are some volk racing uh gtc’s which are arguably one of my favorite wheels from volk unfortunately these are 19s so they’re actually pretty big they’re kind of donk status on this rx8 i would definitely prefer some 18s so that’s probably what’s going to happen in the not so near future so we’ll see what happens but what we have up front . Hereare 19 by eight and a half plus 35 i believe running a 245 in the . Frontsome advent 8008 rs and in the rear here we have 19 by nine and a half plus 35 i believe running a 265. all .

Rightif . Wetransition here to the back we have a ariamia gt wing um clear coat on this has definitely seen better days . Uhwe’ll get that resprayed and refinished at one point in time but for right now it is what it is um and then we also have the aryama mia carbon tails which i really um exhaustwise we have the ariamia dolphin style exhaust i don’t think it’s going .