Car Wallpaper

Favorite 10 Good View Chevrolet Logo Wallpaper

1080 carbon fiber wrap film but any small sheet of automotive grade graphic vinyl will work a 10 inch by 10 inch piece of vinyl should give you enough to do both the front and rear bow ties you will also need a bottle of isopropyl alcohol 70 or 90% will do along with that a paper shop towel or a microfiber towel and a snap off razor knife or an exacto knife with a fresh blade using the rag doused with alcohol make Sure.

sure the bow tie is free of any debris such as bugs waxes or armorall once the surface dries you are ready to apply the vinyl after Pulling. pulling off the backing paper simply tack one side of the vinyl sheet to the edge of the Bowtie. bowtie then lightly press the vinyl down from one side of the bowtie to the other depending on what kind Of. of film you use you may Also. also need to pull a little bit of tension on the film to avoid Wrinkles. wrinkles after running your fingers over the edges to ensure adhesion you may want to lightly drag your finger now down the grooves of the bowtie this will help you to see exactly where you will be trimming the vinyl and now you’re ready to trim very carefully drag your razor knife in the between the chrome and the bowtie be sure to stop at the corners of the bowtie so you avoid cutting the chrome frame once you’re Finished