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Favorite 9 Kia Seltos Wallpaper

the today I’m going to give you a full look of the exterior the interior check out all the space inside and go for a test drive I’ll even tell you exactly what every single trim level is going to get four features on all of those areas and if you’re considering Honda Toyota Subaru Mazda anything that this competes with you really need to check this out let’s get started alright everyone thank you so much for tuning in for this 2021 Kia cellto so I’m going to show you all the details on the outside and what you get with different trim levels so here We. we have the eat X trim but you have the LX and s as kind of base models to eat X in The. the middle which is a great value and then you can have a turbo on the S or the SX turbo now starting right up front here the grill is going to differ a little bit you can kind of see that trim around the grill there you’ll get an all black grill on the LX but you get a little bit of flare on our model right here and one cool thing is You. you can kind of see the LED light that runs across that grill it almost runs all the way across the grill but it does get separated a little bit runs all the way up into the headlight and then check that out it’s kind of A