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Favorite X6 Wallpaper With 3 Pictures

x5 with a slightly sportier less practical body though of course you have to pay extra for it because it’s got six in the name rather than five and in bmw world six is more expensive than five and in this i’m going to give it a jolly Good. good review and tell you if It’s.

it’s any good the bmw x6 Starts. starts from about fifty nine and a half thousand pounds which means it’s about two grand more than the Equivalent. equivalent x5 then check this out look you can save an average of five and a half grand off on through car wow now if you’d to get yourself the car wow app you can just click on The. the popout banner up there and download it it’s completely free now if you’re in the market for next six you might also be considering the s of a porsche k and coupe or a mercedes gla coupe you can check those out on carwa as well all right and Let’s. let’s talk about the x6’s design so from the front it’s pretty Similar. similar to the x5 The. the grille is a little bit more pointy but it’s not hugely distinctive in the way that the one the x7 and the seven Series. series is really in your face i do the lights the light designs are lovely and it’s got that half hexagonal effect that You. you have on bmw’s half hexagonal shouldn’t that be a triagonal in terms of the Front