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Favorite E63 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

review auto top now my name is max and today we are taking a look at the all new 2021 mercedes amg e63s 4matic plus i say all new well it Has. has taken a while i think it’s been around for eight months now but we haven’t been Able. able to get one from mercedes So.

so now We. we have one finally really looking forward to this absolutely love the E63.

e63 so today i’m going to show you around it we’re Going. going to take a look at the spec we’ve got today and then we’ll take it for A.

a little Drive. drive towards the autobahn for an autobahn blast 2021 e63 in obsidian black is this color finally we have an amg which is not in that magno gray matte thing which i’m kind of done with love this black i think it looks so sinister threatening from the front i mean we’ve got the new grille panamericana much more aggressive than the previous one which had this horizontal bar running across now with the new panamericana grille that’s turned down a bit so it it looks it’s frowning Even. even more super super nice front end with new headlights as Well. well also pretty angry Massive. massive air intakes here air vents With. with radiators behind that on both sides in the middle here as well uh the car smoke see i knew it was A. a badass Car. car you can see there it’s a smoking car but yeah it looks super aggressive at The