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The Aventador produces 740 horsepower. Open doors will get a welcome to know in this series is the library especially in the series. Because I’m in luxury cars which is fun except for Bentley Bugatti and Lamborghini distributors in the Netherlands, and they have this cool demo car. It’s a brand new Aventador S, so welcome to this new Santa dress series. Okay, the basics are the latest offender named s breaker in the colours of the new Orion Giallo car makes 740 horsepower from the v12 in the back of the four-wheel-drive car and also this one comes with rear-wheel drive steering. We see a new design front bumper with new aerodynamics starting from the front because of the stunning design headlights.

Aggressively let your design see how low the car next to the road is in front of the large carbon fibre front splitter. This car is loaded with carbon fibre which you will see for yourself finished to the front wheels. What we have here, we have it. Upfront with 255 30 20 inches with the ceramic brake system and beautiful design. New wheels put fan rests beside more carbon fibre here also optional we have two veg better drop acid which contains 100+ 25 21 inch rear wheels and more ceramic brake system. We go here on the side. We have two big air intakes here as on this side intake for the carbon fibre rear engine more details on carbon fibre here the colouring is a bit rear where we see a lot of carbon fibre set it cool headlight design with LED design. We have a brand and a small rear camera, and this accuser is only domestic look at this. My hands fit too for the latest address, new design exhaust pipe three in one big pipe very cool very aggressive and message but this colour is stunning.

If you ask me the new yellow with flag details and finished carbon fibre details on the exterior, if more carbon fibre here on the front note this entry function has a function it’s essential to look on the front side. Okay, so this is a real natural daily sports car. Let’s do some pub baggage, and let’s take a good look at that 740 horsepower look at the engine. Okay, first, let me take a look at the trunk space. I started to show myself, okay, this is the actual trunk space. Okay, now let’s pop this carbon fibre film big engine bay also optional to open the rear hood first position the seat forward and then we are there to control the rear. There are rails here. We close the ride lightly because the okay beep v12 produces 740 horsepower still there, so this engine bay is extremely loaded with carbon fibre, so on the left for carbon fibre here also below. You can add some extra oil on this side. It also pulls out of the carbon fibre and more carbon fibre and the stabiliser fibre on the inside of the engine bay.

This engine is not your daily look. Yes, it is your daily viewer. All right, so let’s get inside the Aventador. Okay, so I’m trying to give you guys a little tutorial on how to get into a Lamborghini, so the key is normal. They have pressed the unlock button, presses the button which opens, and then you walk into the Lamborghini door and then here you have the button small and when you click it pops up and opens. So starting on the doors of the Alcantara lot with the yellow carbon fibre design here, on the door handles, we have the audio system, and the doors are full of leather here. We have a small bright canopy vegetarian clinic powered by scented LEDs or logos on the door, and carbon fibre continues on this side. If you can see, the Alcantara and the seats are also electronically adjustable, so it’s very tight here because of the two seats then the controls for the seed.

If you look at the sea, we have the Lamborghini logo and food headrests. Alcantara with matching yellow leather and stitching and avatar also really cool stitching okay come on in okay the doors are quite heavy, so I need a bit of force okay inside so the nose is long. I can’t even touch the windows at the ends it’s huge okay lots of leather and alcantara reigns the interior the roof is completely acapella here continue here Alcantara moral caprara you too Alcantara it’s a small window where you can see through your rear hood here we have two small vents more carbon fiber leather between the center console openings with trash wheels with yellow stitching and on the center console let me light a few things here create a center console or VA we have you and a nest of sets so famous that Lamborghini shares parts with resistance us so this is the center console of the navigation system known again a lot of carbon fiber here we have all the buttons designed for the wood gen mumble in style this is climate control here we have the Corsa eagle and Strada sport engine setup of course as you want it to be start/stop butter for engine and si ni milk media sat-nav system I have like I think 10 centimeters for the roof so you don’t have to be the biggest person to drive this, the interior is so compact and redesigned towards you that you have the feeling that you are like controlling the plane directly with the passenger door again the carbon fiber on the Alcantara door handles with yellow stitching on the matching leather yellow design and you guys look it up again the bucket seats here we have multiple 12 volt inputs and a little extra space.

Okay, normal Grover, wait, at least I let’s shoot it up. I gave you some cool p12 ref shots for Corsa mode toggle the switch between Strada ego line and sports centre console change, so this is Porte de strata C go, and this is what Corsa mode is and opens the door like this click this, and then under it, the door opens. forget the problem we try to get out its cool thanks for watching this series of wrath offences thankless for the luxury car it laid out the car facility for me today. If you need info on this trip or Lamborghini, check out the link in the description. There you will find all your info about nice luxury cars. Thank you for watching this video. Leave us, of course, leave a comment, ciao, but there is something more special to come. Oh, lumber Jean into Lamborghini safe look inside and inside series of offended or woo. Okay, that got another crime scene where I’m lucky today’s sequel, for now, is to show this time so my parking is empty my phone is alive you’re recording a loser watching this click, and he’s coming Hey series incoming cycle. Okay, come in, get fired, thank you, outside, all right, inside, thank you, thank you, thank you, to facilitate the car