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Top 10 Nice Pictures Thar Modified Wallpaper

any of crazy updates hi guys and welcome to another vlog i’m driving a modified mahindra third today and you can see the lights are so bright on The. the sky okay There’s. there’s a lot of changes at the front first and foremost it gets an offroad specific bumper the grill obviously has to be upgraded because it no longer looks the jail grill it looks a jeep wrangler grille there Are.

are fog lights here These.

these are leds towing hook of course multiple ones of Them. them two of Them.

them actually at The. the Front.

front and the most important thing nimo milchi because the car looks so stunning now fog lamps are placed here the lights are also new indicator inside these are all led lights but this is the same as Before. before so this is not led indicators on two sides of course and that doesn’t end there because There.

there are lights here also auxiliary Lights. lights here near the windscreen and there is a led light bar on the top as well so plenty of lights in this car in fact this car can power a full cricket stadium with the Amount.

amount of lights it has and there there’s an antenna which has been placed here yeah Antenna. antenna has been placed on the front bumper i’ve shaken it a bit okay i believe the car has spacers for the tires the tires have been upgraded as well the size of the tires happens to Be. be i mean they are The