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Favorite Tesla Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

the stock implodes plus activist short seller hindenburg research who had a hand in exposing nicola fraudstown motors and others announces their short twitter stock and elon musk chimes in plus twitter exposes their incompetence corruption and agenda by shadow banning my twitter account in the wake of my public criticism of wait for it you won’t believe this twitter’s censorship and shadow banning practices i’m not even kidding we’ve got a lot to discuss so let’s get into it hey guys thanks For. for watching if you enjoy these s there’s a bunch of ways you can support The.

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some tesla elon and investment theme merch in the merch store so check out the links in the pinned comment below and thanks for your support talk about a chaotic day in the stock market it’s an absolute blood bath everything an absolute sea of red tesla stock down over 9 today almost 80 dollars per let me know In.

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