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integrated krimmer if, for example, a relatively large number of lateral forces have been placed on the tires but jesus these small roots are enough so small a recipe the turbocharger has such a flowoptimized component so to speak upstream if you prevent a stall in the bearing the maintenance all in all costs diesel money so a dsg change also costs six to eight euros depending on what can Be.

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that is a point where we should definitely pay attention to that if we buy another car this you sometimes turn off the gas a bit that’s really cool glowing I have people welcome back on it was and today with the crisp used car check for the vw golf 7 Explain. explain today where You. you have to look out for when buying a used car where are the weak points in The. the 7 series in particular and above all the special features And. and in the end we will clarify why at The. the moment t the 7 is more popular than the 8 so stay tuned and have fun with the and for this task I once again have alex at my side he knows them Of. of course in the golf he and also in the golf 7 particularly well and he has A. a couple of mega I ‘m particularly looking forward to telling cool things about the engine and the technology , but Before. before we look at it I would have said we’ll do a General