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10 Images Polo Gt Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

very you can see the rear spoiler and the side fins but otherwise the look doesn’t reveal this polo it looks a vw small car should look there’s something very special under the hood that’s why people at vw are also very proud of this polo and That’s. that’s why it got A. a very Special. special name yes that’s the new polo blue Gt. gt has A. a very special engine namely an engine with cylinder Deactivation. deactivation You.

you can imagine that under certain load ranges two pistons simply not working that saves fuel at the same time it has 140 hp of course Promises. promises a lot of driving fun taking a look at It,. it, sometimes sprinter, sometimes saver should make this balancing act possible new Technology. technology you could also say cylinder on demand That. that means as much as cylinder on demand but that comes from audi and they already presented this technology with the a1 sportback, so that’s why gene, people at vw are still a bit unhappy and Don’t. don’t want to be reminded that the polo austerity program is running so if the driver drives calmly and relaxed through the area the engine only uses two cylinders no spark no fuel consumption no nothing yes i know with moderate speed And. and low speed now i see it in the display twocylinder mode that means two pistons don’t run with you don’t feel you don’t notice until i accelerate pick it up in speed now turn it on again You. you can’t Feel