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Favorite 8 Audi S6 Wallpaper Good Looking

should just end this review where’s the freaking button oh because it is there gobo what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this POV review by out atop an owl my name is Max and today we have the allnew Audi s6 and it’s a big one It’s. it’s a Big. big change within the Audi s lineup I think and so we’re going to talk about that we’re going to see what this car is what has changed compared to The.

the previous s6 and what has changed compared to the regular a6 I’m going To.

to walk around it show You. you all the stuff all the specs although everything that’s On. on it and then we’ll take it for a drive in that Direction.

direction towards the Autobahn where this car belongs to do a quick blast over there but before we begin don’t forget to and hit the Notification. notification bell to receive updates when we a new and Check. check us out on Instagram at the top And.

and out all right so Well. well we have done a couple of Reviews.

reviews on the new Audi a6 and so I’m going to skip that I’m just going to focus on what makes this an s6 well to begin with We’ve.

we’ve got an s6 badge over There. there we’ve also got some more sporty bumpers with That.

that Audi s aluminum look I think the car Looks. looks an s6 shoot it looks sporty but not overthetop it’s a little bit under The