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8 Pictures Honda Fit Wallpaper Good Looking

fit guy his used car 3 500 let’s see if he got a deal already bought it with 116 000 miles 3 500 gets phenomenal gas mileage you’ll get 40. 40 on the highway so now people more see them as compact cars not sub compacts but as you can see there’s lots of room in the front it has Back. back seats and even though these seats are all the way back here there’s still room in the back and as you look in the back they’re very convenient because It’s. it’s got the trunk but of course these seats will flip down and when you flip them down there’s a lot of space in one of these things yeah it’s a small car but it’s very well proportioned for what people want to use them for they’re great commuting cars but hey you can take trips on them you go camping in them you can throw stuff in there but of course the main thing With.

with this is it’s a honda now this particular one hey it lives in pennsylvania and you can see all the corrosion that’s just what happens with aluminum down here you can see the corrosion you’re going to get Superficial. superficial corrosion that’s not something to chase you away from a car now even though it’s got 121 000 miles On. on it engine doesn’t burn any oil At. at all now this guy spent a long time looking at this thing almost a year to find it And