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Best 7 Pictures Mercedes Amg Petronas F1 Wallpaper

from zero hello and welcome to the official launch of the mercedes mg petronas f1 w13e performance live from the home of british motorsport silverstone today we’re welcoming in a new Era. era Of. of Mercedes. mercedes amg and formula one of course that means we’re going to be revealing the new car but we’re also going to be talking about our future in every sense that’s right we’re going to be taking a look At.

at the new season we’re going to be finding out more about the New. new driver lineup and we’re going to be Meeting.

meeting up and coming Mercedes. mercedes amg junior Drivers. drivers and then we’ll take a good look at the w13 which is waiting for us just over there but first i think it’s time to talk to our team principal toto wolff hello Toto. toto great to see you again i feel it’s been a lifetime about 10 weeks actually since abu dhabi which does seem a long time ago but have you had the chance to reflect and savor what was a magnificent eighth constructor’s title yeah good to see you again and uh hi everybody good morning Uh.

uh it’s a bit short the break these days you know two months there’s no such thing as uh really coming back to full energy but that’s okay we’re looking forward to to race it’s what we what we love to do and um your question a championship i mean it feels a little bit surreal uh that As