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Top Civic Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

a marathon bud Applause wow camera camera speeding can everybody turn the walkies down please just get done running a marathon there buddy i roll about run about 20 feet I’m. i’m already tired so you’re right back up it’s your mile time probably 15 minutes it’s Boring. boring but it’s part of my life welcome back this versus that we are out here On.

on a beautiful day With. with the boys we’re here we’ve got a wild matchup you may think it’s this versus this but real quick big shout out to nos energy For. for making a series this happen support the people that support us and making this kind of content come To. to you free we have a showdown two honda civics but they’re very different it’s not very different very very completely should we check them out are you guys using the same supplier yes i’m just understanding that the same blank this is a little darker than mine this is a little darker mine has a little bit more padding over the front here too anyway we invited our friends from throttle out here with a very special build if you guys don’t already know this is mickey from throttle usually we let people introduce but i’m fanning it mickey’s a good friend of the brand of us and mickey happens to build mega clean cars so mickey what’d you bring today this is the throttle 1999 honda civic started life as a Dx. dx and it was an absolute beater when we got it was a running B.

b series car but it didn’t Run.

run good and because the outside looked crap and so it was okay we either just get rid of this thing or we keep it And. and do something cool with it and so this Here. here is a project that i’ve had in my head for a little Over. over 10 years probably this thing is mega mega clean the carbon the matte black i love carbon fiber so we went ahead and added a lot of carbon to this car so the hood roof wing hatch doors everything is authentic carbon you See. see That. that quick peek here there’s something happening here we got it let’s see let’s see the party pieces so this is kind of the piece that Everybody’s. everybody’s kind Of. of interested in Mickey.

mickey that’s the wrong way my man we just put the crane over top and dropped it and that’s How.

how it Landed. landed what we decided to do is try to keep this as honda as possible everything from the drivetrain componentry and just bolton stuff is all hondacentric stuff the only thing on the car that isn’t honda are the motor mounts and those are off of an ae86 corolla Because. because i have a history in those i’ve been around race cars for a long time so i took a lot Of.

of little things that i saw from All. all the other builds that i’ve been Involved