Car Wallpaper

6 Good View Ferrari Fxx K Wallpaper

day was to the television show but we snuck in and grabbed some stuff for the internet too appreciate before the breach they’ve just bothered Some. some wheels i’m All. all turned up it’s quite unofficial and rather relaxed and um just having a little secret you know exactly as you very Cozy. cozy 1050 horsepower decides to spill up maybe i build up to it now later on but right now what have We.

we Got. got steering rack is sensational very quick but i’ve got a good sense of Connection.

connection to the front that’s for the traction i’ve been pretty cautious at the moment i’m just blending it in and seeing what happens but it’s pretty good i’ve been coming oh my lord it is immense Immense. immense there’s proper downfalls too all those wings on the outside but also huge underbody scoops to create a vacuum the result through their 750 kilograms of downforce at 250 kilometers per hour i mean that’s mindbending that’s having a lotus elise on your roof at your corner that’s for the power delivery itself well all that electricity and torquefield as we call it means that low res it just goes you don’t even need to worry about being damages anything you thought was the second gear corner just use third just take advantage of all that a little shorter in this Car. car than the laferrari but the that’s a short changes and it’s doing 60 to 230 Clicks