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8 Good View Toyota Prado Wallpaper Good Looking

now why not the new isuzu mux has just landed the ford everest is about to but they’ve all got to beat the toyota prado the top Dog. dog in the Class. class how’s it aging Let’s. let’s go and find out this is the third generation prado we’ve seen in australia and this one has been on sale since 2009. it’s been an incredible sales success sitting only below the land cruiser in toyota’s pantheon of highly capable ladder frame 4×4 wagons this is the vx which is the number two model in the 150 series prado lineup the bluff shape is fundamentally identical across All. all four models key vx exterior styling differentiators include specific 12 spoke 19 inch alloy wheels auto bio lead headlights and illuminated side steps our test car also has the optional Tailgate. tailgate that repositions the Fullsize. fullsize spare under the floor sadly that means taking out The. the 63litre subfuel tank which has always been one of the prado’s most appreciated features for longdistance offroad trips this 2.8. 2.8 litre turbo diesel Fourcylinder. fourcylinder engine has been under the bonnet of the prado since 2015 when it was Also. also introduced into the hilux ute so yeah this is the engine that’s had diesel particulate filter and dusting issues in the past toyota says it’s all Fixed. fixed Now. now and the other good news is in 2020 this engine got a power and torque bump as well the fourcylinder engine drives all four wheels permanently via a sixspeed auto and a Twospeed