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6 Good View Nissan Skyline Gtr R34 Blue Wallpaper

and I’m alone skyline’s are becoming more and more popular here in the states I know I want one don’t you well good news ideal fam today you can Own. own And. and drive the Godzilla r32 and its mother brother the r33 GTR here in America streetlegal and the last generation of RB 26 skylines the r34 GTR is essentially the holy grail of modern Japanese sports Cars.

cars and the holy grail of the holy grail definitely the r34 driven by none other than Paul Walker himself in the fourth installment of The Fast.

Fast and Furious and thanks to it being such an icon it is by far the most expensive r34 GTR. GTR ever seven figures baby so why is an old Japanese sports car Worth. worth more than a brand new McLaren let’s find out hey Real. real quick did you know that we have a Facebook page check it out in the description below and just give us a it’s great to see you guys again let’s go Applause all right so some bad News. news you may have heard fast nine has been pushed back a year do you do the pandemic which I hope you’re all hanging in there and that’s kind of a bummer for me and YouTube’s girlfriend because we were definitely Gonna. gonna go see it I love muscle cars And. and she she just loves muscles it’s kind of deflated but you can you can definitely see it with a microscope but even though it isn’t Coming