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Favorite Nissan Wallpaper With 6 Pictures

to tell you all you need to know about it took you through the design the interior you can take it for a drive and of course I’m. i’m Going. going to launch it to see how quick it is from north to 60 miles an hour because i’m at watson and you’re watching car wow and if you haven’t done So. so already please make sure you to this and hit the bell Icon.

icon to turn on notifications on that way you won’t miss a single review buy sell car wow let’s start this by talking about the Design. design of The. the area and i it from every single angle really nice rear end with that light bar nissan badging the spoiler moving to the side it’s got a sloping roof line to make it look coupe even though it’s a big suv in fact it’s slightly longer taller and wider than a qashqai but way better looking i this one the fact that it comes in 210 paint that is an option though so two of these 20inch alloy wheels as standard you get 19s here at the front looks great from here as well the grille which isn’t actually a grill because it’s an electric car you don’t need a grill it’s called an engine because there’s an engine There’s. there’s an electric motor you get the Idea. idea but anyway underneath here it’s got a pattern effect we have to get In.

in close to see It. it and I. i know what you think look there’s some vents here they’re surely fake aren’t they well no they’re not i’ll Just. just get my stick of truth there another illustrator here by threading this through it smooths airflow over the wheels tada now this thing Looks.

looks way better if you ask me than a Tesla. tesla model y a vw id4 a skoda enyak and it’s even better looking than a ford mustang mackey thing is the area’s good looks do not come for cheap this car Starts. starts at 42 000 pounds which is about 15 000 pounds more than the starting price of the Qashqai.

qashqai though this is slightly bigger posher and Of. of course it’s all electric and electric cars are just more expensive now if you’re thinking about changing your car you need to click on the pop out banner up there or for the link in The. the description below to get a Car.

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inside the area is just As