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Best 1 Photos Mercedes Benz Logo Wallpaper

today I’m to with you, Mercedes and I’m going to change the emblem I always love the classic look and I this emblem as a sporty look You. you can have this emblem But. but I’m going to change to this one easy process how I am going to do it A. a look this is the flat emblem and this is the Mercedes Classic. classic in order to put this one in this one has nut and holding bracket it you put it straight you make sure that Mercedes shows on the top then The.

the cutout you put it right in there and once you put it in it sits flat this is how it looks at this moment so then we’re going to Turn. turn around this way and then we’re going to tighten it so once it all tightens its gonna be look nice that’s how simple and easy and but this is the Existing. existing one is already there and this is the one I’m gonna do and if I can bring it a close look into this, this is the mechanism when we’re going to turn around this One.

one clockwise It’s. it’s going to turn this way it’s going to lock these two, one on this side one on this side by Grabbing.

grabbing with the plier or with your hand you just turn around this and it opens as you have seen it’s open this we’re going to drop it And.

and make sure that Mercedes on top And. and Benz is written right there that’s the orientation now With. with the fingers you hold it press it in and then come down here and we as I was shown to you that’s it you just turn it around so that’s how it’s easy and simple to change your flat emblem to a classic emblem or vice versa so if you don’t the classic one and you the flat emblem you can change on any Mercedes I hope This. this really is going to help You.

you out and if it does please .


and so thank you very much